An Overview of Scrum Management in
Addition to Agile Development Methodology.
During the last forty years, new software development methodologies have been introduced
to produce valuable software in brief time periods with insignificant costs, and within unstable,
evolving situations

Salesforce Trailhead for Developers

Trailhead is an interactive learning methodology through the essential building
blocks of the Salesforce1 Platform. It is the better than ever, simpler approach
to learn Salesforce.
Career Growth With Salesforce University –
All About Training & Certifications
With the increasing demand for Salesforce CRM solutions, the demand for Salesforce
developer and admin jobs is on the rise. Hiring companies now need more certified S
alesforce developers and certified Salesforce administrators to implement and maintain
their systems

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Territory Management in Salesforce by admin

Territory management is critical to businesses of all size. By aligning sales teams to specific territories (industry, geographic, product-based), companies can make the most of their resources at the lowest cost. Aside from the boost in productivity, businesses are able to increase overall revenue by […]

Salesforce by admin

What is Work.Com? is a corporate performance management platform for sales representatives with a user interface (UI) that resembles a social networking website. The platform, which is a Salesforce product, targets employee engagement in three areas: Alignment of team and personal goals with business […]

Salesforce by admin

Overview Clean provides a number of ways to keep your Salesforce CRM records clean and up to date by leveraging company information from D&B and millions of crowd-sourced contacts. There are two versions of the Clean product: Corporate Clean and Premium Clean. They […]

Publishing an App on AppExchange by admin

What is AppExchange? The AppExchange is the world’s first on-demand application-sharing service. It provides a way to browse, test drive, share and install applications developed on Salesforce’s on-demand AppExchange platform. Partners, developers, and anyone else who chooses to participate can offer their Apps on the AppExchange […]

Salesforce Security by admin

Learn how secure salesforce CRM really is, how it utilizes some of the most advanced technology for providing unreliable security options for both users and ISV’s. Salesforce invested heavily in network defenses with its latest data encryption..

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