An Overview of Scrum Management in
Addition to Agile Development Methodology.
During the last forty years, new software development methodologies have been introduced
to produce valuable software in brief time periods with insignificant costs, and within unstable,
evolving situations

Salesforce Trailhead for Developers

Trailhead is an interactive learning methodology through the essential building
blocks of the Salesforce1 Platform. It is the better than ever, simpler approach
to learn Salesforce.
Career Growth With Salesforce University –
All About Training & Certifications
With the increasing demand for Salesforce CRM solutions, the demand for Salesforce
developer and admin jobs is on the rise. Hiring companies now need more certified S
alesforce developers and certified Salesforce administrators to implement and maintain
their systems


Demandware is also known as ‘Salesforce commerce cloud’.Demandware, a Salesforce Company – is a Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the newest Cloud in the Salesforce Customer Success Platform!
The Demandware platform is based on the Demandware cloud, which provides the resources and processing for the platform. Demandware manages all of these resources for you, you interact with the platform through the instances provided in each customer realm.
As Commerce Cloud comes together with other Salesforce Clouds, retailers can leverage all the capability to engage with customers in whole new ways.For example, Marketing Cloud drives shoppers to points of Commerce, and Service Cloud provides service to consumers before, during and after a sale.
Demandware is a front-end system with which your online customers interact most frequently.Demandware notably provides a competitive advantage in retail and is considered one of the best commerce platforms in the world. There is a wealth of customer data to be analyzed from a Demandware storefront.

Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud:
Einstein and Apple Pay support are the two big features for Commerce Cloud.

Frictionless check out with Apple Pay for the web - Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the first digital commerce solution to support Apple Pay for the web, which means our customers can offer secure, single-touch checkout.This is a watershed event for mobile commerce, which has been hampered by frustrating multi-step checkout processes.

Commerce Cloud Einstein -  Einstein is like having your own data scientist to guide you through your day.
It learns from all your data and delivers predictions and recommendations based on your unique business processes. In some cases, it even automates tasks for you, freeing up time for you to connect with your customers. All Einstein features in our Customer Success Platform automatically use your Salesforce data to help you serve your customers better. You don’t have to prep data or manage models. Your CRM constantly grows smarter, making you more productive and your customers happier.

    • API-
    • The Open Commerce API, or more commonly OCAPI is a RESTful API that consists of three component APIs.

    • Shop API (Provides access to Demandware storefront functionality)
    • Data API (Provides access to Demandware application configuration and integration functionality on a per-object basis)
    • Meta API (Provides access to a formal description of the resources and documents available in the Open Commerce API)

Demandware Order Management is Business Manager module named Orders (under Merchant Tools) that you can find, update, export or track orders.
Demandware API is actually what you see on that documentation page. It can be found in Eclipse (Help > Help Contents > Demandware API) as well.

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