Desk Sync Salesforce

Category: Free
Status: Published
Sync Salesforce Accounts and Cases with your Customer and Cases.
Description: Migrate your Salesforce Accounts from Salesforce to without any hurdles. Desk Sync Salesforce is a very effective tool in migrating small set of records.

  • Syncing your Salesforce Accounts with Customer is made easy.
  • Syncing your Salesforce Cases with Case is made easy.
  • Easy Sync tool with simple configuration steps and sync progress bar.

This application is specific for Salesforce to Accounts and Case migrations. A quick and simple way to migrate limited numbers of Salesforce Accounts to customers and Cases directly from Salesforce without the hurdle of third party tools or tedious steps of downloading and uploading.

How to Install Desk Sync on Salesforce CRM

See how easy it is to install Drag n Drop with this video.