Data Migration

Data migration is a procedure which imports data from one organization to another. It is usually performed in a  programmatic manner to achieve an automated migration which leads to unbound human resources from monotonous tasks. In order to migrate the data, one should always make sure to migrate them in particular sequence to maintain the relationship. It’s an essential deliberation for any system to implement, upgrade, or consolidate. For some of us “Data Migration” seems to be a huge stress but believe me it’s a myth. For attaining an effective data migration method, data on the old system is drawn to the new system utilising a design for data extraction and data loading. Programmatic data migration may involve many junctions but it is negligible to include data extraction where data is read from the old system and data loading is written on the new system. In general, relationships between data is defined with their salesforce IDs and Names. To migrate data we can use VLookup along its functionality which excel provides.
After the completion of projects there are maximum chances of data migration. Deficient data quality is the first and foremost reason for failing of migration. For successful migration of data what we need is right tools and proper planning.

Data Integration

Integrating applications at the data layer is a common scenario. For example, multiple apps written in different programming languages can all use an open API and manage related data in one shared database.

UI Integration

Combine the UIs of two or more apps to create composite apps with little or no rework on the UI of each individual app.

Business Logic Integration

Business logic often spans multiple application systems. Extending related business logic from one app to another helps to implement complete end to end business processes.

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