An Overview of Scrum Management in
Addition to Agile Development Methodology.
During the last forty years, new software development methodologies have been introduced
to produce valuable software in brief time periods with insignificant costs, and within unstable,
evolving situations

Salesforce Trailhead for Developers

Trailhead is an interactive learning methodology through the essential building
blocks of the Salesforce1 Platform. It is the better than ever, simpler approach
to learn Salesforce.
Career Growth With Salesforce University –
All About Training & Certifications
With the increasing demand for Salesforce CRM solutions, the demand for Salesforce
developer and admin jobs is on the rise. Hiring companies now need more certified S
alesforce developers and certified Salesforce administrators to implement and maintain
their systems

Salesforce Predictive Intelligence

What is Predictive Intelligence?

Predictive intelligence is a technique to calculate customer behavioral pattern over their buying decision from any brand. The Salesforce platform which uses predictive intelligence features, are based upon the set of complex algorithms that collect customer data from various marketing channels such as emails, mobile, social, web & tap customer infer preferences with their every click, view, download, purchase which gives valuable insights to the predictive intelligence engine for analysis. The predictive intelligence engine consumes both explicit and implicit customer behavior patterns in real time to build a customer profile for their preferences.

How Salesforce Use Predictive Intelligence?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud product "ExactTarget" utilizes the Predictive Intelligence model to gives its users a set of features that help them collect customer behavioral data & record their infer preferences. We are living in an age of digital marketing where with each passing year the proliferation is causing noise in this segment, for this the data is much valuable to the companies looking forward to targeting their clients in new ways, it also helps in suggesting their customers best offers, delivering personalized messages across various channels and devices based on the insights gathered from analytics.

How Does It Work For Companies?

It all started with collecting customer data & capturing customer behavioral patterns of how they surf the internet, go through the company website and products, how they interact with the company on social media, how they respond to emails, search terms etc. As all this will be monitored in real time, recording their preferences in profiles give companies 360-degree view of their customers which help companies predict & automate crucial marketing decisions, creating new business rules and adjusting their campaigns.

How Does It Work For Customers?

The main objective of implementing predictive intelligence is to provide personalized experiences for customers by listening carefully to their requirements. Instead of receiving 1000 of junk messages, customers will only be communicated for what they are looking for, they view tailored content & offers specially designed for their attention on web & email. Overall the customers are walked through a journey of hassle-free guided purchase and all this is achieved by Journey Builder feature, tightly integrated with ExactTarget platform.    

Use-of-Predictive-Intelligence-in-Salesforce[Click Image To View Enlarged Version]


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