An Overview of Scrum Management in
Addition to Agile Development Methodology.
During the last forty years, new software development methodologies have been introduced
to produce valuable software in brief time periods with insignificant costs, and within unstable,
evolving situations

Salesforce Trailhead for Developers

Trailhead is an interactive learning methodology through the essential building
blocks of the Salesforce1 Platform. It is the better than ever, simpler approach
to learn Salesforce.
Career Growth With Salesforce University –
All About Training & Certifications
With the increasing demand for Salesforce CRM solutions, the demand for Salesforce
developer and admin jobs is on the rise. Hiring companies now need more certified S
alesforce developers and certified Salesforce administrators to implement and maintain
their systems


Zoho CRM is inexpensive when compared with other CRM’s. That’s why it is preferred CRM for small scale organisations and start-ups. Transferring all data from Zoho CRM to Salesforce and integrating and extending all necessary functionalities in Salesforce platform in a very swift,fast and secure environment. So basically except the customization part, the main thing is request to move data. It is generally the transfer of data from one salesforce platform to other.

There are two ways to transfer data from Zoho to Salesforce:
    • Using Data Loader
    • Integrating Zoho with Salesforce using third party tools

After some point people generally prefer to migrate from Zoho CRM because of the following limitations of this CRM:
    • Zoho don’t have extensive third party support  such as that of salesforce has in Appexchange
    • It is easy to create Custom Dashboards in Salesforce as it is not flexible and customizable in Zoho
    • Zoho do not allow you to integrate with any other mail like Outlook or Gmail as it has it’s own mail as Zoho Mail but it is not much user-friendly
    • Document Management is not as simple as that of Salesforce

Data loader is a data migration tool and we export data in CSV files and then transfer it to Salesforce. Here are the stepwise instructions to migrate your data to Salesforce and experience the all new CRM:
    • Click on setting gear icon in right upper corner-> Setup-> Data Administration-> Export

    • Select the object which you want to export to Salesforce from the Dropdown Menu. Remember we can export maximum of 3000 records at a time from Zoho account. It generates a .CSV file which can be easily uploaded to salesforce.

    • Create database in Salesforce with all the headers as the fields and don’t discard the Zoho generated ID as Zoho same as Salesforce provides you with unique ID and it can be used later for several mappings.
    • Now use data loader and import your .CSV file and get started with the all new CRM.

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