Salesforce Service Cloud

Implementation Services

The Service Cloud Implementation Services from Cloud Analogy offers a scaled-back solution for serving the essential needs of your smaller organization. The customer service tools for the Service Cloud will help to achieve an unprecedented growth for your organization.

Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud

Get a Bigger Picture

The Service Cloud enables your business to set its goals and metrics that ensures that your business meets these goals. Extend the capability of your customer service department with detailed performance metrics such as Omni-Routing. Answer the queries of the customers on customer service scores, average response time with data-driven metrics. Service Wave Analytics help your organization to track the most important KPIs.

Personalized Customer Experience

The experts at Cloud Analogy will enable to render a personalized experience for the customer. They will make use of Lightning Console for a detailed and faster information for the clients. It enables the clients to watch case history and trends for each customers. This reduces the burden of redundant questions. The data from the analytics is also made available for a better understanding of the customers.

Reduce the Workload Of Your Service Personnel

The services from Cloud Analogy will equip your Customer Service personnel with the right kind of technology. The experts at Cloud Analogy will customize all your needs to suit all your specific business needs and increase your efficiency. They will help to proactively despatch the right employees and be proactive to take care of your clients with the Despatcher Console.

Why Salesforce Service Cloud?

Offer the best-in-class Customer Service

Choosing a right platform such as Sales Cloud enables you to offer the best customer service as it comprises of the right platform. Serve your purpose exactly with a scalable platform and grow with the needs of your increasing customer base. Serve your customers more effectively with an integrated as well powerful software such as Service Cloud.

Work Anywhere, AnyTime

You can login from anywhere, anytime by accessing a Cloud Computing Service such as Service Cloud. Work from anywhere with mobile workforce by using a Salesforce mobile app. Do their jobs right with your employees - as they can now access the right information from the mobile apps. Work from the smartphones to ensure that no customer service request is that intense - to be handled by the customer service of your organization.

Why Opt for Cloud Analogy ?

Offer Efficient Customer Service and provide instant information

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Agility of Information

The agents have instant access to updated information and this helps in agility of the information for the customers.

Efficient Customer Service

Cloud Analogy ensures that your customer service is managed with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

Easy Set-up of Service Cloud

The experts at Cloud Analogy will help your business with easy set-up with Service Cloud Essentials. This ensures that you are able to resolve the customer’s issues without any delay.

Main Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

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The cases can be resolved at a faster rate with the Skills-Based Routing of the Omni-Channel feature of Service Cloud. Impart the right work to the right agents and improves the customer service - with no need to transfer to the case owner - with the work reaching the right agent, with the right skill set. Help to track the backlogs and the agent workloads, with the omni-channel supervisor.

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Community 360

Make use of this essential part of Service Console. Enable the customer service agents to view the assets, products, contracts, orders, and tasks before they even start calling the customer service. Save the customer’s valuable time with the agents, armed with the appropriate tools. Resolve the cases at a faster rate, since the resource already looked at are not repeated.

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Lightning guided engagement

Walk through your service agents through the various business processes of your organization, within the service console. Use for the purpose of call scripting & setting up of standard procedures for handling customer enquiries - irrespective of the channel.

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Service Cloud Mobile

This is different from the Salesforce app and enables the agents to close their cases, while working away from their desks and right from their desktops. This focuses on the support and works on Android and iOS devices.

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Einstein Bots

The agents concentrate on doing the complex tasks as all the repetitive and boring tasks are managed by the Einstein Bots - with minimum human intervention. Escalate to a live agent, if the bot fails to complete a task. Use these bots simply for pre-chat information from the clients, if you are using Live Agent.

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Salesforce Lightning is used to submit an article for translation activities. Choose a language from a list of available languages with the agents. Complete the Translation Management Workflow through the Translation Action - without switching back to Classic. Compare the master and translated version of the article.

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