Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solutions

Provides seamless customer service and experience.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solutions

Aggregate customer data renders a positive, seamless customer experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solutions from Cloud Analogy. Avail a unified way for the businesses for customer engagement over any channels or devices. Integrate data from various channels across different customer touch points.

Different Types of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Incorporate predictive capabilities of Einstein to leverage social and multimedia-based data for profile preferences of consumers. Predict the future behavior of prospective clients via Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Recommend to online shoppers based on existing consumer behavior.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud for B2C

Create and coordinate the shopper’s experience across devices and channels. Avail an out-of-the-box framework with Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA). Incorporate the best practices on site design, technical architecture, and merchandising. Enable the retailers to build a unique, mobile-first e commerce website for brand promotion.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud for B2B

Enable increased efficiency through amazing to create exceptional eCommerce sites with Salesforce B2B Commerce for the business buyers. This around an outstanding design for businesses conducting online purchases. Ensure that the B2B customers reach out to the suppliers. Run your business with amazing Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions. .

Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services

Create unified commerce by encompassing customer service, community and marketing. Empower the entire customer success journey. Enable brands to successfully connect with the shoppers.

Visual Design

Use the Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) Of Commerce Cloud for the visual design of the storefront. Document out-of-the-box features and functions for B2C commerce with SFRA wireframes which are webpage schematics. Identify the features in HLD andnot in the SFRA wireframe to create custom wireframes by design team.  

OmniChannel Commerce & Unified Commerce

Create consistent buying experience for clients across all channels – mobile, in-store and social with Omni-channel Commerce. Render the unified experience for the retailers and the shoppers from marketing, shopping to recommendations of products with technology. Improve your business, increase revenue and brand value.

Site Optimization and SEO Tools

Build traffic, improve rank and grow your business faster with the SEO tools in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Increase organic traffic and boost sales of your business with these SEO tools. Acquire new customers with this way and surely increase the ROI of your business.

Why Cloud Analogy?

Provide a seamless experience, harness the power of Einstein and maintain the speed of mobile commerce.  

Enable a Faster way to Setup a E-commerce Store

Use drag and drop facility for putting e commerce websites into Commerce Cloud by simply using Lightning components. Help to create a highly branded, tailored mobile customer experience.

Use Predictive Commerce with Einstein

Personalized experience is the key to the success of the retailers. Harness the power of Einstein to embed intelligence in the purchasing cycle. Predict the subsequent purchases for enhanced commerce over internet by selection of products and consumer behavior.

Provide Seamless Experience

Provide seamless instore and online experience for the customers with our Commerce Cloud Solutions. Use intelligent Customer Success platform of Salesforce and provide exactly the experience needed by these connected customers.

Easily Maintain Your Website

Enable your business to easily maintain the websites with Commerce Cloud Solutions from Cloud Analogy, for adding new products as well as changing the prices and discounts for the various products.

Support Mobile Payment Method

Support Digital payment methods such as Apple Pay with the Commerce Cloud solution from Cloud Analogy. Maintain the speed of mobile commerce similar to desktop applications.

Benefits of Commerce Cloud

Increase revenue for your business, rise above your competitors, to reach the next level for your business.

Find New Opportunities

Increase revenue for your business by placing the right products at the right time and right place. Explore new opportunities by obtaining feedbacks from online shoppers, using the social media.

Achieve Faster Operations

Achieve faster operation for your business by incorporating Commerce Cloud for quick launching of the websites. Create all new consumer experiences, build new online stores as well as expand your business across different geographies.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

Stay ahead of the competitors by always using the latest version of the software. Drive innovation first instead of concentrating on the technology aspect of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Manage all aspects of Digital Commerce

Manage all aspects of Digital Commerce better - starting right from online shopping and up to delivery of services by using Salesforce Commerce Cloud for driving higher client satisfaction. Embark your business into a higher level.

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