Salesforce Integration Services

Experience effective governance and superior level of interoperability with Salesforce Integration services from Cloud Analogy – your next-generation technology partner.

Integrate for Seamless Data Flow

Fast and Flawless

When enterprise systems or applications run on different platforms better data sharing is critical for increased performance. Salesforce Integration enables you to sync data better and allow its seamless flow among different systems and applications and enhance productivity. At Cloud Analogy, our seasoned Salesforce professionals bring disparate and silo systems together. We combine our expertise in Salesforce with our middleware experience to integrate complex data systems such as ERP solution, Supply Chain, Oracle software, SAP or Microsoft. Our comprehensive services will help you develop the right strategy for faster and effortless integration.

Achieve Higher Business Returns with Integration

Our commitment to continuous improvement strives us to deliver quality results to our customers. As your Salesforce Integration Partner, implementing effective governance for your business processes through seamless integration is our goal. We help you achieve improved operational control and customer experience with increased ROI.

ERP system with Salesforce

As a leading custom-solution development company, we have established our expertise in integrating Salesforce with the ERP system. We develop integration structures to reduce your challenges and complexities arising in the path. We help you achieve 360-degree customer overview, streamline your processes and increase efficiency.

Complete Accounting Visibility

Integrating accounting software with Salesforce will help enterprises gain complete visibility of their business. Our proven capabilities in accounting integration will help you increase productivity, manage your finances, create financial reports, AR/ Invoicing, Time and expense, project accounting and track intercompany transactions.

Social Media Interaction

At Cloud Analogy, we understand the importance of customer experience. Our social media integration services enable you to manage social interaction for better customer experience. With valuable market intelligence, you can manage customer engagement across platforms, gain customer insights, monitor service and provide better customer support.

Phone system Integration with CRM

Help your sales team do more closures, and the service departments improve customer satisfaction. Our specialized knowledge in Salesforce Integration will help you integrate your phone system with the CRM and empower your sales and service teams. Partner with us to improve customer experience significantly and convert more leads into sales.

Seamless E-commerce Integration

Enable your brand’s success journey by connecting with the customers. Whether your business operates in the B2B or B2C segments, we help you in unifying the buying experience of your customers across various channels and touchpoints. Our qualified professionals provide you with seamless eCommerce integration and streamline all your operations.

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