Salesforce Data Migration Services

Helping you to achieve seamless migration with unparalleled data integrity and security. Cloud Analogy is the reliable name in Salesforce Data Migration Services

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Migrate Data Easy and Safe

migrate data Easy and safe

Without a Hitch

Migration of data from legacy systems to Salesforce org is a critical stage in the Salesforce Implementation project. The primary challenge would be to move every data without losing any during the process. Improper data mapping may lead to data loss and affect critical functionalities risking customer data too. Deploy professional expertise and put to rest all your worries. At Cloud Analogy, we are a reliable name for our customers in providing cutting technology solutions to their business challenges. We have the right expertise and professional resources to help you to migrate your business data without disrupting your operations.

Mitigate Risks, Migrate Effortlessly

Data Migration is a one-time activity involving meticulous planning for a smooth migration. Our experienced Salesforce experts never fall short of customer expectations. We fully understand your current and future system, and securely transfer all your data to the Salesforce CRM with least disruptions and a speedy process



While moving your data from your on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based solutions, we begin with identifying the data to be migrated and the data source for migration.

Selection of data

Selection of Data

With our in-depth analysis, we identify the data gathered by different teams relevant to your business. Accordingly, data selection is made along with its source too.

Data Mapping

Data Mapping

We check the unique identifier for all the records of the source systems and their structure. We possess proven expertise in data mapping of even the complex data structures.

Data Migration

Data Migration

We migrate data from other source systems using the latest ETL tools. We choose a migration method based on the data volume and complexity of the source data.

data security

Data Security

We are committed to protecting customer data. Our specialists carry out the data migration process in compliance with the international standards of data security.


Data Integrity

Protection of data from corruption takes precedence to all our activities. During migration, we ensure that we maintain data accuracy and its consistency throughout.

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